Monday, August 8, 2011

BLOWN Clear Outta the Watta!

These are the posts a blogger LOVES to write! A post full of PRAISES!!!!

Assuming you read my post from last night, you'll delight in this picture from 10 am this morning:
This was only one of many, many donations for the three babies whose lives hang in the balance. And yes, this really was a donation from one person. (Our amazing doctor and his wife!! Love you guys, T&N!)

With everyone's generous we-love-Ugandan-babies donations, we were able to buy and fill not one but TWO extra footlockers of baby formula!!! I bought all the vitamin drops out of our entire town too! (Any idea how FUN this was for me?!?!?! I was telling everyone I saw--every cashier, every phone call, EVERYONE what God was doing!!!) HEY! We even have the overweight fees covered! ($400!!)

This all came together in less than 24 hours. Seriously.


Um, ONLY GOD!!!!

Now if you remember, we are not just going to Uganda to feed babies (although I might do that sometime!!) but ALSO to adopt our little Z!!

Do you remember one week ago?

Do you?

I almost don't, because life has been a big whirlwind around here!! I posted actually only SIX days ago about our financial needs that we were facing to be able to attend this crazy God-given courtdate. (Truth be told, I am STILL in shock over that miracle!!! To read about that miracle, click here!) I talked about stepping into the water and watching God part it AFTER we step out.

I admit it, that post was motivated from a place of fear in my heart.

But fear is an interesting thing. You can have fear but still move forward. As you move forward, your fear lessens as God proves Himself to you. (Sadly, we humans want this over and over again--which is why God wants us to REMEMBER and TELL OTHERS about the miracles He performs! He wants us to TRUST HIM MORE NEXT TIME!!!)

So we stepped. And you guessed it, He parted the waters.

Our ugly giant with hair growing out of the mole on his remember him? The pricetag on his hat read $6,000. Remember?

Guess what? In 6 days time...

God has brought in a total of $6,381.13.

Wha...??????? YES!!! NOT LYING!!!!

So, as if we don't have enough things to do...we are working on this:

And we are diligently recording your names on the it looks something like this:

It's a pretty cool thing.

YOU are a pretty cool thing. We are adopting a precious child from Uganda by your support, love, prayers and giving. It's truly amazing. God is doing this, we know. But YOU are responding. You are not hardening your hearts. You are choosing to act. You are not saying, "someone else will do it," but you are actively jumping into our story.

We cannot thank you enough.

And soon, I'll have tangible evidence of what all this has been for. Stay tuned!!! :)

Until then, just party on in rejoicing over God's miracles! And I'd be curious, how does our story impact you? I know I am encouraged by the stories I read on blogs of God's faithfulness! All these stories weave a stronger and stronger faith in us and we have more guts to step out in faith in what He's asking us personally to do. I'd love it if you'd leave a comment and share with us how God's faithfulness here is encouraging you there.

Let me leave you with a favorite verse of mine:

The One who calls you is faithful
       And He will do it.
                                                              1 Thessalonians 5:24


  1. So awesome... Crazypants awesome!

    Praying for you guys as you travel tomorrow! Cannot wait for you to be there already!
    Kimberly M.

  2. Love this sweet friend! Love ALL of it! Can't wait to see you in this crazy beautiful country!


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