Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sing Little Birdie, Sing!

Moments to blog are short and crammed in between activities and kids who need me. Somehow...I have a moment. (I think!)

It's certainly not quiet...but everyone is otherwise engaged...oh, hang on...

...ok there, answered that kiddo.

In the middle of all that I am doing, there are thoughts whirling around in my mind.

I've been pondering the brevity of life.

Our neighbor passed away a few weeks ago.

He was on his roof doing chores, waved at my kids.

Days later, he was cremated and was in a 8"x 6" box.

It just really plays with my brain.

How can life be so brief?

So quickly snuffed out?

I've been reading Revelation lately. If I had to be honest, it's not a favorite place to be in Scripture because it's so much WORK. But there are promises of blessing for the one who reads it and obeys it's I persevere.

This morning I read chapter 4. An incredible picture of the eternal worship of the Almighty that is continually being honored because HE IS SO WORTHY.

Wow. I was so struck by how ETERNAL God is.

And then I remembered my neighbor. In a box.

What a brief little snuff we are! All that concerns me, all that irritates, all that weighs me's all so...

well, brief.

So UNlasting.

So, what will my legacy be? What will be left after my body is in a box?

Hopefully something.

Then I heard a bird tweet out my bedroom window.

How even briefer their little lives are! Yet, that little tweet brought me joy.

That's IT!

That is our purpose!

To bring our Creator JOY while we live in this world.

When I back up and remove myself from:

the mounds of unfolded laundry,

          the toys strewn all over the floor,

                    the whiney tone of voices I hear in the other room,
                                wondering if I'll ever make it through my to do lists,

I realize that it's not these things that give my life purpose...but it is HOW I do them.

Do I do sing to my Savior while I go about my chores?

Do I praise Him for the blessings around?

Do I delight His heart as I look to Him for direction, hope and light?

Is my heart reflecting the joy of the Savior?

When I dwell with Him continually throughout the day (pouring out my heart, praying with my children, praying for others, listening for direction) I cannot help but have JOY in His presence.

Psalm 16:11says that we will be granted the joy of His presence and the pleasures of living with Him forever.

What a gift that is!!!

Take that verse and write it down. Savor it. Memorize it. Ask Him to make good on it in your life.

Weaving our daily inner life with the Lord is what gives us the joy so we CAN sing. Singing to Him...while we go about the tasks that He has called us to.

The size of my tasks, whether or not anyone knows about what I do...all that is not up to me. I am merely to be faithful to obey...and sing to Him.

It's HOW we do things that matter.

So sing, little birdie, sing.


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  1. Good thoughts, Amy! I just read that chapter yesterday - Beautiful scene of worship! Can't wait... :)


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