Monday, March 25, 2013

Toby Time!!!!

Snapped some cutie patootie pics of the Tobster in the hotel this afternoon and wanted to show him off!

If you are interested in his state of AMC, take a look at his wrists, elbows especially the degrees he can bend passively! We are SOOOO encouraged by these!

You may not be an avid student of my children...but that swing jaw is just so stinkin' Shaw!!!!

Here come pictures...


  1. He's LOVIN' being a Shaw!

  2. Oh, he is beautiful!! And, perfect in every way! I am so so happy that he has you as a Mama! I fell in love with him a long time ago...that standing in a crib photo. That photo showed his strength and determination! It will be exciting to see where Jesus leads your son. I believe that His Plans for Toby are huge. Thanks for sharing his preciousness through these photos. Hugs to All ~ Jo

  3. unbelievable!! I look at these pictures and I see my Murphy.....his 'twin.' They have the same smile!! Sarah


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