Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day in Hong Kong

We are fully alive and well on this side of the globe! Jetlag is a doozey, but not unmanageable. I doubt I'll be saying that on the way home! Going the other direction is notorious for taking a good two weeks to switch the body back!

We had to fly in on Thursday/Friday due to the best rates...which gave us the entire day on Saturday to sightsee around Hong Kong. Can you guess where our girls wanted to go??

Did you say Disneyland??? Or did you say, "Huh? There's a Hong Kong Disney!?!"

YES!! And what a most perfect and wonderful day we had there!!!!

In order to get ourselves there, we chose the adventure of the subway! We had to change trains 3 times, but it really was so simple. A great system to get around...and make friends!

And that is exactly what we did when a bouncing boy of four years old and his jubilant mother came into our cab other second train. They were meant to be our friends and we delighted in their company immediately! Ever meet someone and you realize your happy factor just shot thru the roof because of being with them? Within 3 minutes we were all bursting at the seems with laughter and love for these two!

They seemed to love us back too, evem the sweet mom, Sunni, asked if we would give her Chinese son an American name! Jensi immediately named him Will. Sunni beamed. Then tried hard to learn to pronounce it. They a visiting from Shanghai and had very understandable Mandarin. Although it was killing the girls to not be able to understand adorable Will's questions!!

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