Sunday, December 2, 2012

Celebrating 45 years!!!

December 2, 1967.

It was a very special day.

Special indeed!

Two wonderful people joined their lives together and pledged to be true to one another til death would they part.

And they've been good on that vow.

...45 years today!!!

Not many people have such a beautiful legacy to carry--but I do.

These two people?

I call them Mom and Dad.

I am so blessed to have spent 40 of my years (okay, that's all of my years!) loving and being loved by them. They are the real deal. Faithfully loving, full of wisdom, humor, creativity--no one could ask for a better set of parents.

I recently asked my parents, separately, what were some of the biggest life moments they ever experienced.

My mom cited her own parents and how they raised her.

My dad's immediate answer was that the habit of daily Bible reading had shaped him more than anything.


I am so blessed to come from such amazingly strong people.

Here's to my fabulous parents who have weathered SO.MUCH.LIFE. together and come out stronger and more in love than ever!


Marblehead, Ohio     Summer 2012

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