Sunday, December 9, 2012

Candy Cane Day...take 2!

This year we repeated our Candy Cane Day from last year! (Now my dad would say we could call it an "annual" event. You can't claim it's annual until it's repeated...right dad?)

We woke up early and hid all the candy canes (note to parents: count your total before you do this. We have no real idea how many are still tucked away in the creative places the "Elf" put them...we may be finding a stray candy cane in March!) and awaited the gang to stir.

They were delighted to go on a hunt and find the canes! Some seemed to be quite a bit better at it than others...

Everyone seemed to be finding them!

Well, everyone except the biggest somebody!! She had the MOST trouble! ;) Tee hee...those elves!!

Then it was time for the Legend of the Candy Cane and some fun picture books from the library about Christmas.

One page I read like this: "Early two thousand years ago..." 

I burst out laughing! "How could they know it was EARLY 2,000 years ago that the angel appeared to Mary!?!?" I asked everyone. Giggles.

This afternoon (a day later) Jensi brought the book to me. She pointed to the big fancy "N" in a box that began that page. 


It actually reads, "Nearly two thousand years ago the angel appeared..."


So, after book reading time we took a break for basketball games and gutter cleaning. (Oh the fun Candy Cane Day can bring!)

Then, it was time to bake some cookies!

My what a large knife you have!! (We brought it home from China!)

DQ licks a beater--a chore she's willing to do. ;)
He was so happy to get a job!
I'm having some carrots in hummus! So trying to stay OUT of the dough!
He has ALWAYS said that when cookies are in the oven they are SLEEPING!

Buttery cookie with Hershey's candy cane kisses!
A chocolate cookie with candy cane topping!

 Then we had a fun photo session with our Toby Tees...and with a special guest whom I'll introduce you to soon! ;) Stay tuned!!

The fun day ended with a live Shaw kids who cracked us up!!

This child is so full of personality! (I keep saying that don't i?)

Actually, this child is a funny one too! Best giggle EVER!!

The sock juggler. Doubles on drums.
A little stand up by DQ.

Did you laugh at my joke??

For some reason, the girls thought Zebby needed body guards.

My GOLLY! They were RIGHT!!! He was brutally attacked by an angry audience member who wanted HER TURN!!
 So...all in all...if you give your children an inordinate amount of sugar during the day and have lousy weather outside so they are FORCED to stay inside...YOU may go crazy...but they will feel like this:


Happy Candy Cane day, everyone! We'll do it again next year!

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