Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deja Vu Daughters

Anneli gets a bit rolly in the eyes when I do it yet AGAIN.

I call Darrah Kate by her name.

Most moms have this issue. I think.

Even know of moms who call the dog by the youngest kid's name. Yes, really! (Are you one?)

But, I think I may have it a wee tiny bit more.

Today, I discovered why.

For HOURS I had to work on a life timeline for my 5th grader.

This sounds like such a NICE little project for a 5th grader. Doesn't it?

Scope out your life year by year, cite major events. Find pictures to represent these fine moments.

You'd think especially since her parents did some professional photography for a time.

But no.

You may be like me, all those wonderful digital photos sit on a disk or hard drive somewhere.

(At one point, this same now 5th grader asked me if she was ever a baby...we didn't have a single picture available to prove it. She just had to take my word for it!)

So, for 7 hours I dug. Disks whirred, rainbow circles spun, the hourglass rotated.

I came up with some pretty cool pictures of my 10 year old's life.

And then, I realized...








Just look at this:
Okay, I rest my case.

You see it, right?

It's like having a second swing at raising that daughter!

They both love princess and dress up. They both fell in love with a stuffed animal at birth. (Anneli a pig, Darrah Kate an elephant.) They both pitch a pretty darn good fit have a strong personality. They both snuggle and love whole heartedly. Incidentally, Anneli was actually "Anna Kate" in utero till Brian vetoed it at 35 weeks!

Serious deja vu!

But of course they have their own personalities and special things just for them.

I'm just giggling that I'm not crazy I'm not as crazy afterall for the thousands of times I've mixed them up!!


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