Monday, August 13, 2012

A Letter to Toby

Dear Toby,

I'm writing to you as your Momma, but you do not even yet know my name or my face. Actually, you do not yet know yourself as "Toby!" But you are already in my heart, as God has grown you there ever since I first saw your face on April 30, 2012.

Happy birthday! You are TWO today! You may or may not know it. I pray and hope that your orphanage workers are singing to you in Mandarin! "Zhu ni shenri quai le!" I giggle. You see, God took us to your home country 9 years ago. Long before you ever were a twinkle in your dear birth mother's eye, He planted a love for your culture in our hearts. God is amazing like that.

You do not yet know about God's love. I cannot wait to teach you. He lovingly created you, just as you are...with AMC and all...because He has a plan for you. And baby, it's gonna be good!

I was just moved by a letter from a friend who is a doctor. She recently delivered a baby with AMC. Another doctor had advised the baby's mother to terminate her pregnancy because of it.  I am so glad this little girl lived to enjoy life...and I am SO glad that you were not aborted before you drew breath. Your life is PRECIOUS to so so very precious.

O that you may know deep down in your heart that you are CHOSEN and LOVED and PRICELESS! You wait there in that orphanage, completely not knowing that our family has gone down a path to bring you here. With us. Forever. That's right, you are going to leave the orphanage and become our son! You are loved. You are chosen. You are priceless. You are ours.

Waiting here for you is a crazy crew. Daddy and I who are thrilled to pieces to have you. Five brothers and sisters who cannot wait to dote on you and who pray for you daily. Oh, you have NO IDEA the fun that awaits!!

Today is not just your birthday, it's mine too. A significant birthday. I am 40. That's a big deal over here in America. To celebrate my 40th and your 2nd, I decided to see if I could get 42 (that's 40 for my birthday +2 for your birthday) people to give $42 to help bring us together. I asked my friends and family to consider helping us bring you you know what they did?

Not just 42 people gave, but 58! And they did not stop at the goal of $1,764---no, these friends went WAAAY above and beyond. Dear child, they gave us $5,920.24 to bring you home. If that doesn't blow you away and make you feel LOVED then I don't know what will! And the truth is, that more people are telling me they want to give! There is NO WAY that you are going to sit there waiting one second longer than what is absolutely necessary. PRAISE GOD!!!

Sweet child, I want you to know that your life is NOT a mistake. Perhaps you were born in China to keep your mother FROM aborting you due to the information available here to mothers. You have gone through unimaginable pain in your early life...and I do not yet know it personally. But you have also been held in the arms of a loving God who has never left you. He chose a family (who is excited beyond belief) to bring you home and love you and get you the medical treatment you need.

Life is going to change radically, little mister. Not today, but soon. Hang in!!!

All my love,


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