Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Day at the Lake

I grew up going to Lakeside.

The Chautauqua on Lake Erie.
(That funny word means a really fun place that kids and adults love to go.)

My parents started going there the year I turned 10.  

Guess what that means?

They've been going there for 30 years straight! (I'm not 10 anymore.)

Ha ha! I'm a real math whiz. Just ask my Dad! ;)

We joined them for one amazing ACTION PACKED day. And it was pure heaven. 

Three generations at Lakeside.

Allow me to revisit it...

We hung out while it rained in the morning and had lovely visits with extended family and cousins! The rain gave way to a lovely rest of the day!

We marveled at some balanced rocks that others had carefully placed.

We walked along the lake path and delighted in some new additions like the new beach area and bistro tables.

We ate Sloopy's pizza (hey, this IS Ohio ya know!) where they have the best pizza in the midwest. Even got an award this year to prove it!

We were welcomed to the pavilion area with the sound of the Lakeside orchestra, laughed as we saw hundreds of people gathered under tents and shade trees to enjoy the ice cream social and marveled at the long lines to get a twisty balloon from a clown. (And gave up when the clown needed to sit down to rest on the child right before us in line! Hey, even clowns get tired!!)

We enjoyed the "Mayberry" feel of the park full of people playing shuffleboard, basketball, putt putt and getting their faces painted and lining up for rides on the horse and carriages. And we nearly got run over by the athletes working on their running skills!

We opted for a favorite place to have ice cream cones and dripped ice cream all over ourselves.

We napped.

We shopped in the adorable shops and found a few early Christmas gifts! :)

We oohed and ahhed over a new bookstore where DQ found the perfect place to play with a doll house nestled in the corner of some children's books.

We found some great new Lakeside tee shirts for the kids and made the merchant so happy with our purchase.

We fished and laughed out loud with joy as Oliver couldn't get over that he actually caught one!

We shared a home-cooked lake-cooked meal with my parents, bro and family and his in-laws. So fun!

We hung out on the rocks after dinner hour and watched the freighter come in. (My dad's favorite part of Lakeside I think!)

We grabbed our camera and shot some new favorite pictures as that "golden hour" of sunlight was truly magical!!

We delighted in yet another gorgeous sunset.

We played "Going...going...gone!" as we watched to sun sink below the horizon. (This little game my dad made up a LONG time ago--and I think it still enhances the show!)

Those flags are off the Lakeside pier: the American flag on top and the Lakeside flag below.
We swatted biting flies while laughing our heads off at our kids perform songs and dance with the microphone down at the park by the water! OH MY, our kids are such hams!!! (see video trust me...the video piece of this blog post has sunk hours of my day and I'm no longer going to try and do it. Please help me if you love iMovie!)

We bathed kids and visited a little more with some Olympic men's track and field trials thrown in.

In bed at midnight, back in our own beds.

It was a PERFECT DAY!!

Can't wait for next year...longer we hope! :)

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