Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let's Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

Many of you know by experience how costly adoption is.

Many of you simply fear stepping out into something so expensive as adopting a child.

A generous federal refundable tax credit ended last year, on December 31, 2011.

Because our adoption was not final until this month, we did not qualify for it. :(

There are 163,000,000 more orphans in the world without families.

Reality is, adoption is not going to happen for MOST of them. :(

However, what if MORE orphans could become sons and daughters? 

What if something like a refundable tax credit made adoption more affordable?

Who knows what might happen! People who had previously thought adoption unattainable might consider themselves as a potential family for a needy child!

Currently, there is a bill in the house that would permanently bring the adoption tax credit back, make it refundable and increase the value of it! If you want to read about it yourself, here is a link. This is a link to the official bill itself.

This is GREAT NEWS!!!

But guess what?

Unless our state representatives hear how IMPORTANT this is to us, it might not pass.


In the name of giving every possible orphan a family, WE WANT THIS BILL TO PASS!!!!

So I ask you...



to please take 15 minutes to email, call, write a letter and let him/her know that you want their vote to be


on this proposed tax credit!!!!

Action is necessary!!

So often I wonder, "What can ELSE I do for orphans?"

Here is a GREAT activity! Make your voice heard! 

Even if YOU personally have no intention of every adopting...


on behalf of those children who go to bed at night with no kisses, no hugs, no bedtime prayers, no last drinks of water, no one to comfort them that there is no monster under their bed...


Here is a link to find who your state representative is!

This is a link to where a petition is being signed as well. This option would be best for anyone outside of the United States. You may read this blog from far away, but you can still have an impact on the future of orphans, at least in supporting giving them future homes in America. (Fellow Americans, although this route will be easier/faster I want to encourage you to contact your state representative personally.) 

Will you take action?

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