Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The pie that freaked us out!

Thanks to a local friend, I was abundantly blessed with fresh red raspberries!! I promptly went home and tucked half of them into this "Bye Bye Summer" pie.

The message on the pie got Brian to thinking.

"I'd never have guessed a year ago that I'd have a Ugandan son running around in our yard." (Cue squeals of delight from said Ugandan child outside.)

I laughed. Brian cannot seem to resist writing something to the effect of, "I wonder where we'll be this time next year," in my birthday cards, anniversary cards, valentine cards, love notes....you get the picture.

It's just part of our adventure-love-life way.To wonder about where the adventure may go in the next 12 months. We often dream together. It's always about the future.

So it was a bit ODD that my husband launched a diatribe about the past year.

And then I realized...

"Honey, actually...


                        ...you called me and asked if I'd ever considered international adoption!!"

"No way!" "How do you know?" "Today?! REALLY????"

(He totally thought I was pulling his leg.)

I REMEMBER. It was a Monday. It was the 20th. It was September.

And today was Tuesday.

Yep! It's been just ONE YEAR since we even entertained the idea of adoption. And he's here now squealing with great delight as he runs and plays outside with our other children.

How incredible that God did ALL OF THAT in one year's time!!!!


It all ended with a familiar question. Can you guess what that was?



  1. Hi Amy,

    It's me--your friend from the embassy the day we received our visas together. I just spent the last 22 minutes enjoying your blog. Love it! Love your heart for the Lord, for ministry as a family, and for adoption! I just added you to my occasional update list to ladies. Hope to keep in touch.

    Keep pressing on, sister!
    Danielle Hurley
    SOS Ministries

  2. Our God is A.MA.ZING. :) Similar "who woulda thunk it?" questions here! Love this life the Lord is leading us in.

  3. I just "found" your blog, but I wanted to write a quick comment here... PRAISE GOD! He is SO good! Love how He works in stirring our hearts for His glory!


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