Monday, September 12, 2011

Not answering the phone these days...

Brian came home today and asked me, "Is it harder than what you thought?"

(Apparently seeing a harried woman amidst dirty pots and pans, a basket of unfolded laundry, toys strewn across the yard and children screaming in the background causes one to ask such things.)

"Ah, yes. YES!"

So, adoption. Adoption.

The 2 year olds in their traditional Ugandan clothes. A moment to CHERISH!!!

It's a great thing. I would do it again. Really. 

But right now...
it's H-A-R-D.

If I could sum it up in a sentence, it would read something like,

"I am ALL of your mother!!" (and that doesn't even read right!)


"Just because there are 5 of you does not mean there are 5 of me."

Or something.

The biggest trial right now is trying to adjust Darrah Kate to the idea of having a brother who is just 7 months older than she.

Now, she does ask for him the second she wakes up in the morning!

And these pictures are incredibly cute...but the other 95% of the time, these two are going round and round fighting over my lap, who I will carry, who gets the cracker first, etc.

So if you are waiting on an email from me, you wonder why I haven't called you back or you just simply wonder what I might be doing...

The answer is that 100% focus is now on my two 2 year olds. The only way I am able to post this is that Brian took the two screaming children to the hardware store with him. (Saint him, please!)

My life is quite a BIT different than I expected. So if you call me and I don't answer, you can just picture me sitting on the floor with two toddlers on my lap and try to keep them from poking each other's eyes out and singing together.

That's about all I'm getting done these days!

P.S. (for those who still think it's all sunshine and puppies):


  1. sunshine and puppies are overrated!! David Platt asks, "what if every single moment of our life was intended to be lived in desperation upon God?" i'm thinking there is nothing like parenthood to bring us to this realization! :-) LOVE YOU!

  2. I love this Amy! After just seeing your name in the FB group, it is hard to believe you are already home and getting settled in. I guess you just have to think of it as the newborn period where everyone is trying to adjust. It time. By the time we get home with our girls, you will be looking at us trying to remember what those first weeks/months were like ;) Hang in there! {{hugs}}

  3. Amy thanks for sharing a little bit of your reality now! We are essentially twinning our 18 month olds. So I see our future in your story. Keep heart friend!

  4. I can totally remember those days... Lily is 8 months older than Ty. She just turned 3 when he came home. They couldn't be apart but had a tough few months of learning to be together. Now they are glued to each other... although they still have their moments. Those first weeks/months took more patience from me than I ever thought I had. Thinking of you!!!!!!


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