Monday, September 19, 2011

Learning Curve

I've been thinking a lot about adoption. Funny time, eh?

Well yeah.

But we are knee deep in the "rubber meets the road" phase. There is so much to adoption long before you ever see that face in a referral picture, long before you ever hear that sweet name.

And that's where I'd spent my my time.

Paperwork. Notarizations. Home study visits. Police clearances. Fundraising. Emailing with lawyers and orphanages. Trainings.

And the focus MUST be there. You simply cannot move forward in adoption without those things.

But there is more. 

A lot more. 

Things like holding and consoling and helping to quiet the fears of a child added into a busy family.

Things like attempting to understand the new foreign words coming out of your son's mouth.

Things like teaching how to sit at a table for a meal and use a fork. How to come running when called.

What private property is and personal space.

Attempting to help work through each "no" instead of crumbling into a screaming heap on the floor.

That I am Mommy and not to walk away with just any random white woman.

What it means to pray and be thankful.

How to get along with apologize and to forgive.

There's a lot happening. His learning curve is enormous.

And he's doing well. Very well.

We've been home for two weeks today--and I'm so very proud of our son and how well he is adjusting. But there's a long road ahead.

And we're here to walk it. With him, together.


  1. Your kiddos are beautiful. Praying for you guys and so thankful that he is home with you all! Blessings!

  2. Praying for you every step of the way. Love you.

  3. Love this and love you and LOVE your new blog header!!! So cute!

  4. You're so right, it is a long road ahead. There are hard days- many, many of them- but there will also be glorious, wonderful days. Hang in there :)


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