Monday, June 27, 2011

Going to Uganda!!

We bought tickets to travel to Uganda!! We are incredibly excited!!!!! 
We are going to hold this sweet little one's hand and love all over him!!

Many people are dying to know details...and well, we can't give out too much at this point. (Sorry!) But we can share with you that our trip is NOT to bring him home, as we do not have a court date assigned to us at this point. We are simply going because we are in love and we MUST be with this sweet boy and begin bonding with him and his culture.

As many of you know, we have lived overseas before. We absolutely cannot wait to spend some time in his culture learning what life in Uganda is like. We will be spending time together with Z in his orphanage serving all the children while we are there. (It's a big job to feed that many kids 5x a day!)

We are also excited to be able to help out different ministries with their dairy cows and goats as well! We are so thrilled that a pharmaceutical company is DONATING some special deworming medicine that will greatly help out the Ugandan animals! Brian will use his expertise in many locations and we are so thrilled to have this opportunity!

Now the hard part...waiting to board the plane!! Hmmmm, I sense a theme here! Do you?


  1. When do you arrive? If I'm still here we should meet up in person! Yay!

  2. i would LOVE LOVE to talk to you. are you using generations out of texas? we are from tennessee, but our orientation is tuesday with heather from generations. are you happy with them so far??? i've been searching for someone adopting from uganda and using generations!!! :)



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