Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Things I love in my kitch

So I gotta say, I love my kitchen! Truly. We've lived in many houses over the years but this house has the BEST kitchen. The space is perfect, the counters are roomy, the island with electric on it is awesome and I love my eye-level fridge. But there are 10 other things that I love in my kitchen too.

And now I'm going to show you.
(in no particular order)

 My Magic Bullet. Best machine in the whole kitchen!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

 Having a plan for weekly summer lunches. Saves all the begging, complaining and keeps things fresh!

 A bottom drawer dedicated to kid dishes. If you don't already do this--DO IT! (put your cereal low too..) This encourages autonomy and allows you to SLEEP IN on occasion as they get their own bfast!

 Thankful hearts. I REALLY love this picture!!!

 The uber cool bench Brian built to fit the island. I fought this idea for a while, pushing for individual stools, but am so glad he won! ;)

 Homemade artwork gracing the fridge. (And magnets from places we've loved!)

 I didn't get many things from my Grandma Thomas, but I did get her recipe box! I loved her haphazard style and framed these and treasure them!

 My favorite animal made by Jensi years ago. (A lion.) Love it!

 God's word hanging around to keep us focused. :)

Recipe box designed and made just for me by that amazing husband! 
(It comes off the tracks so I can sit down and plan my meals!)


  1. I am totally in love with my Magic Bullet too! (I've been meaning to look up some smoothie recipes to fix the girls this summer ... although my oldest would rather have Shakeology! LOL) Black 'n white shot of your kiddos praying ... precious. And recipe box ... CLEVER!! (And ohhh, I think we found the girls' memory verse for next week! THANKS!)

  2. Okay can I say, I love the recipe box and bench! What a fantastic idea. Would have never thought of it. The picture of your babes praying is absolutely beautiful. This is a great reminder of the little things we sometimes overlook.

  3. Love the post! And those awesome hubby-made items! They just radiate love. =) Thanks for welcoming us into your kitchen! I loved my Magic Bullet, too, until mine sadly broke. It was great for those Shakeology shakes! =)


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