Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Josie Update & Village Prayer

I cannot thank you enough for interceding for the healing of baby Josie! She is alive! And continually getting BETTER.

This is a medical amazement, isn't it? Who could heal someone with non-stop seizures, who had a total body central nervous system infection, severe purulent bacterial meningitis, blood sepsis, severe pneumonia and liver infection????

And ONLY Him. Not Buddha. Not Ancestors. Not the medicine man.

Only Jesus Christ, son of the Most High God can!!!

And that's what I want you [to continue] to pray for: the hearts of those in the village to be OPEN to the Truth.

Just last Friday, they all felt STRONGLY that Josie was about to die. Every villager left what they were doing and came and stood with Josh and Penny (Josie's parents.) And they waited.

And waited.

But Josie did NOT die.

She began to eat a little again from the bottle. Not just mama's milk, but also congee!

Amazement rippled around the village!!

The next report I heard was that Josie was now nursing directly from her mama! (And the other miracle is that Penny still has milk after so long!!)

So today, (May 26, 2105) my friends are going into the village to deliver medicines. And they will check up on how new believers Josh and Penny are doing and call the others to faith in Christ!

This will be done in their heart language. How much better could it be? Evangelism done by their own people. 

God knew.

Please join with us in holding this special time up in the village: that God will show off and that they will SEE clearly the emptiness of their sacrifices to stone and mere pictures and realize the vibrant truth of a faith in the Almighty Creator God who can HEAL!!!

All of these circumstances are truly incredible. There are precious people who have worked for decades trying to bring Truth to them...and couldn't do it. The time was not right. The barriers are thick. The villagers need to see God in action. That God is for them. And here, in this amazing display of God's glory...they are! 

Keep praying for faith in this village!

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  1. Oh! I have been praying for the village. Thanks for the update and reminder.
    God is a Miracle! Wow About Josie. What a testimony!
    I only saw this today, but I know God answers before we speak.
    Love from Sandy in the UK
    PS I know you are so full of so much at the moment, but will you pray for my brother Tom in Maine in America. He has been on oxygen for some time, but a few weeks ago went into hospital with pneumonia. Was getting better, but now is very ill. He had a kidney transplant 25 years ago, and the medicines for the lungs/pneumonia have damaged/ruined the kidney. So, he is on dialysis. I am waiting for more news.

    1. Of course, Sandy! I'm lifting up Tom right now. I'm so sorry for all he is going through!!


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