Saturday, May 16, 2015

Josie and the Answered Prayer

 My dear ones, I am conflicted with many emotions and have much to share.

Here is our on a ventilator.

Her diagnosis has gotten worse.  She now has a severe infection in her central nervous system that is caused by "severe purulent meningitis" and the infection is all throughout her blood. In spite of being on the most powerful antibiotics, the infection cannot be controlled. They are unable to stop her seizures. Doctors agree, she now has permanent brain damage.

Being in the PICU is incredibly expensive. Even with the fundraising we did, the ABUNDANT generosity of Love Without Boundaries the funds have run out. This is MORE than heartbreaking to her family and us. And probably to you as well.

The doctors feel she will not survive once she is removed from the the ventilator, however this is what is planned for tomorrow.

Only a miracle will save her now.

And I do not want to miss that...PERHAPS God will choose to miraculously heal her and she will survive out of the hospital. PERHAPS He will heal her brain damage and she will be a whole person, fully functioning. It would be an incredible thing...and HE CAN DO IT.

So please, ask for this miraculous healing. We are in a place where we all feel a sense of peace if this is NOT how God chooses to answer our prayers.

How can that be?!???

Let me tell you...

I told you that I had MANY emotions, many of them conflicting. So if those are the sad and devastating feelings, then you know they are not all sad!! 

Today, Josie's parents BOTH OF THEM have become Christians! They have understood the massive love of God for them and put their faith in Jesus Christ!

This is SUCH an answer to years and years and years of prayers! Prayers of so many! And you, you joined us in this effort and our collective storming of heaven has produced the movement of the Spirit in their hearts! 

Hallelujah...they have been born again!

They will be the first ever believers to actually live full time in this village. Pray for their growth. Pray for their strength as they are the only lights in this dark place. Pray as they are possibly going to be grieving the death of their daughter with the village watching how their new faith impacts this process. Pray for them to be like dominoes...more and more falling into the loving arms of our Jesus!

Baby Josie has ushered her parents into the Kingdom...the very same place she will most likely run to herself tomorrow.

What a life purpose!! Oh precious baby Josie, how we LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Prayers are needed for everyone involved as they remove her from the antibiotics, all the monitors and the ventilator and then bundle her up and head for home.

Oh, I simply cannot write this without waves of my emotion sweeping over me. These things are so difficult.

Please hold them tenderly in your prayers.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful but tear filled response this brings. But God. as in the Scripture always...But God.

    And I want to praise God that HE moved you to respond to Gable - to work the plan for going there now - to be just where these parents needed a friend, a Christian friend - and even, dare I say it, one who has walked the road of that same grief.
    Yes, HE has been working and working to answer those long time prayers for a long time.
    Please tell the parents others are grieving with them as brothers and sisters who are yet to meet.

    Our church prays much for believers in places where it is difficult, risky and often disastrous to believe. This week there is a call to pray for that place where you are, and it will help me to remember to pray for the village.
    I am praying for your own situation that God will help with each step til you are home again with your complete family.
    God Bless,
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thank you, sweet Sandy! We are home with Gable...I have not updated the blog as such and I need to! Thanks so much for your prayers!


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