Friday, June 7, 2013

Finding a Home for Yuri and Zhenya

I'd like to introduce you to these two special kids: Zhenya and Yuri. They are orphans who live in Ukraine. I am trying to help find them a forever family.

"They are truly amazing kids with really tender hearts! We've been to Ukraine, we've been to the orphanages, and these kids are really amazing!" ~Sheryl, host mom summer 2012.

Because they are biological siblings, the Ukraine requires that they be adopted together.

That's a VERY good thing for Zhenya who is already too old to be adopted--she is 16 going on 17. (trying not to break into song here...)

In the Ukraine, children are no longer eligible for adoption after they turn 16.

However, the loophole is that her brother, Yuri, is only 15. Because HE is eligible is she!

Ukraine places a high value on keeping siblings together. Thank you, Ukraine.

So here's the scoop on this MOST precious orphan sibs:

They have only been at their orphanage 3 years. Before that, they were at home with their single mom...where they knew love...and extreme poverty. Tragically, she passed away. Before she did, she made sure these two were carefully placed in a Christian orphanage.

Why do I know so much about these two? My friend, Sheryl, had the blessing of being their host family last summer for 4 weeks. She is deeply desiring to find them a permanent family. In her words, "She has cried buckets over these two, but for some reason God has said no to we are hoping desperately for another family will come for them."

Yuri is 15 years old but in early December he turns 16. He is described as being quiet, extremely polite and kind, embarrasses easily, socially shy, laid back, non-aggressive. He does well with with other teen boys, and does not take advances from girls. If a girl even spoke to him he would blush! He is not into sports, but rather is interested in working with his hands. Yuri would thrive in a family where the dad farms, is in construction, or electrical, etc. He is very handy. He has a goal of owning his own electrical business. He is a dreamer and very goal oriented! He wants to work for a living, as opposed to going to school. Would not do as well in suburban life...prefers the country.  After he went home Sheryl said he has really become focused on his academics. (I think she was an awesome host mom!!)

Zhenya, pronounced"Jania,"
is described as loving to bake, be in the kitchen, and do crafts. She is very good with little children. She loves anything artsy. She is more obstinate than her brother, but zero trouble at all. She has more of a controlling personality than her brother. She is desperate for a family! She wants to come to America permanently so badly! She could really use prayer for a very big life altering decision she must make on August 31st  regarding her future.

They come from a pentecostal orphanage, required to dress in a certain way--no jeans at all, only skirts. When they were here they showed great respect for this and continued to be modest, even when it was not required.

Both loved Christian music and only wanted that downloaded to their devices.

The family who comes for them must have paperwork done by first week of December due to Yuri's birthday. They would be perfect for family with home study already done.

Sheryl believes they would fit in well in a family with other teens so they can bond.

These two will be coming back to America through a hosting program June 25-July 29! They will be here in Ohio, so if you wanted to you could meet them and spend time with them!!

Please consider these precious brother/sister pair!

If you are interested, please message me or leave a comment with your contact information. (I will not publish it but get back to you privately.) 

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