Monday, June 11, 2012

More Blessed to Give...

Know who these sweet girls are?

Two precious gals in my life!

One is Lara, a well-known blogger and momma to one of Zeb's former orphanage-mates. A dear boy named Ambrose whom I hope we can see again soon someday!

The other is Rebecca, a precious ten year old orphan, formerly living in one of the children prisons that Sixty Feet serves.

Lara just posted this picture on my wall all the way from Uganda!

Rebecca has been "ours" for about 6 months now. We sponsor her through the work that Lara does for Sixty Feet. Rebecca's story is not mine to share here but she has been a great delight in our life. We have her picture up and our kids love to pray for her and write her letters. We sent a bundle of pictures over to her and we were so happy to receive pictures hand drawn and letters back to us.

This precious life is changed because of the work that Sixty Feet does...and I want you to know that our giving to support her is really a BIG deal to her, but it is OUR BLESSING that is greater.

Lara told me today that Rebecca clung to her all day long today and told her repeatedly how she prays for us.


Honestly, there is no more powerful force. Hailing the Lord Almighty, this dear child cries out on our behalf.

That moves me.

Amazes me.

Soon, she'll be praying for another orphaned child in China. A little one we are working to bring home. She doesn't know about him now, but she will soon, and I am sure, she will ask for God to open doors and provide the funding.

We may give to her, but truly, WE are the truly blessed ones!

Tis more sweet to give than to receive!!!

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