Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The girl who waited...and waited is SPOKEN FOR!

Ever since last summer, my heart has been tugged for a precious girl waiting in Zeb's orphanage.

She had a long list of special needs. People prayed for her. People loved on her. She was cherished in many many hearts, yet...

She waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Years passed and this precious girl was still waiting on it to be her turn.

If it was EVER a question: CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG IN INSTITUTIONS! (No matter how wonderful, they simply do not take the place of having a mother and a father's love...or the love of siblings!)

Esther's story has had some tremendous ups and downs along the road, but her new title is


Her loving and incredible parents are Brad and Jenny and here is the crew pictured a little while back...

And as you can see...they have 14 other children at home! {gasp!} But wait...since then there are TWO MORE! :) :)

When you read her blog you will be AM.AZ.ED. at this family! They are so serious about their faith and DOING what Christ says!

  I LOVE people like this!!!

They have heard God speak and have said YES to Esther!! What a glorious match this is!!! Hooray!!

Every time I look at these pictures, pure joy floods my soul! Esther was completely nonverbal. Yet when her daddy holds her she hums. And oh how the angels must have rejoiced when she SPOKE and said, "Momma!!" WOW!!! Oh how incredibly blessed by God they are to become Esther's family! They have experience with a wide variety of special needs. They are bubbling over with the love of Jesus and they will be all the more amazing with Esther in the fabric of who they are!!

As I rejoice in this matching, I want to ask if you would consider helping bring Esther home to this precious family. They were able to get an expedited court date before the summer break! We have an opportunity to become PART OF THIS STORY!! Will you consider giving a gift to the FIG Fund through Project Hopeful (the wonderful non-profit organization who is collecting funds for Esther's adoption)? If so, please go here.

On behalf of Esther, her parents and many siblings, I thank you with great joy!!!

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