Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who is Joseph Kony? Glad you asked...

Few things make me angrier than children being victimized.

I hope this is true for you too.

I am sure it would be, if you KNEW.

But first, I have a few questions for you.

Would you help rescue a child if it required you to give up your current lifestyle?

Let's back it down.

Would you help rescue a child if it cost you an evening out with your friends?

Let's back it down a bit more.

Would you help rescue a child if it took the cost of your morning coffee?

Well what if it were this easy...


I hope you said YES!
(see your step to action at the bottom.)

There is a nasty man named Joseph Kony who is loose in central Africa. You have probably never heard his name before. But you will. Oh yes, you will.

You might think he's running for president. I hope you do some quick investigating. You will see that he is not. Far from it. He's running, but FROM the president. That's right, Barack Obama sent 100 US troops to find and arrest this man last fall. Why didn't we hear about it?


(Let me make a parenthetical note here. I do not watch the news. I do not keep up. I am so incredibly swamped with my own life (sick face here) that I don't invest much energy at all into following the news. It's quite possible that people DID know of this and I just missed it. But if so, NO ONE I  KNOW HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!)

There are going to be YAHOOS who comment that a simple click to share something on Facebook is NOT going to rescue a child. Skip it. Don't give me flack. Use your energy toward something that MATTERS.

Back in 2006, I was in the process of leaving my American life to rescue children in India. God had other plans. He took our son Oskar at that very moment in time. I have every intention of moving to India someday and saving children. As you know if you've been reading my blog, in that time frame of being "redirected" we have adopted a child from Uganda.

What kept him-our Zebby-out of the clutches of Kony? I do not know. He is here now, he will not be abducted, forced to kill, rape, maim and trained to hate. But...what about the OTHERS???

I watched this video by Francis Chan earlier this week (thanks Shelly!) and it's been rolling around and around in my head. The question keeps coming back to me: Why is an "emergency" only an emergency if it happens to ME or MY CHILDREN? Are not ALL CHILDREN precious? Is not it time to give up my things, resources, to respond to such an emergency? Does it matter where they were born?

I have learned about Kony tonight. I cannot help thinking of the verse that says, "Rescue the perishing; don't hesitate to step in and help. If you say, "Hey, that's none of my business," will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know--Someone not impressed with weak excuses." Proverbs 24:11-12 (The Message)

I know of people that only quote verses that they like, or that offer comfort to themselves. This one from Proverbs sure won't be on their list of favs! But like it or not, we are called to justice.

I am not pretending that a simple click will save the life of a child. I know it won't. But educating people about WHO Kony is will put into motion some actions that will STOP THE CRIMINAL and therefore save children.

What are you waiting for?

Watch this: (Yes, it's 30 minutes of your time life. I wouldn't ask you if I didn't think it was important. It's worth it. I promise.)


I hope that you will leave your comfortable life and go and meet these people face to face. I hope you would be willing to give up a night out with your friends to make your voice heard. I hope you would be willing to part with $4 from a morning's coffee indulgence to help stop a world class atrocity. But if at the very minimum all you do is share this video, then you've done SOMETHING.

(I cannot end this post without reminding you that I met, held hands with, shared a meal with children (then and maybe still HOMELESS ON THE STREETS) who were victimized by this very man. If you want a recap, go here to read the story from last August as we met Sunday and Simon. There faces, their stories and this evil man are burning in my heart tonight.)

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