Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ever Wonder What goes On...on the INSIDE??

Do you read blogs and wonder, "Really? Is it all really just like...THAT?"

Are you considering adoption of a child or children and wonder if it's really all sunshine and puppies?

Are you forever waiting on your referral and wish there was SOMETHING you could read that would help you? Something that would help prepare your heart for what is coming? Something to inspire a new list of heartfelt things to pray for in yourself and in your future family member(s)?

Have you already adopted and found your emotions are a bit different from everything you've ever read on blogs and people's Facebook?

Are you currently REALLY STRUGGLING and want to know if there are other people who might understand?

Are you just  GOING CRAZY and wonder if you are all alone?

Well if so, listen up!!

A few of my fellow adoptive friends have begun a new blog called Sharing Adoption Truth. The purpose is to give a window to the real-life inside for those who need to hear it. As it says on the site, we tend to hide the hard and broadcast the beautiful. But now, defying the fairy tale stories, real adoptive moms will share their stories on this collective blog so that YOU can hear it. I will make contributions as the Lord opens my time frame and gives me His words.

You can go there now and just link up so you are ready! There are two stories up already! :)

Adoption is such a phenomenal thing! We mimic our Lord Jesus who adopted us...ugly, sinful and crusty and made us HIS! Reading real adoption stories may not be easy, but you will see the hope of Christ and how He triumphs in each and every one of our stories.

Cheers to Christ-empowered truth sharing!!

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