Sunday, December 12, 2010

A way to get involved--for you!

I'm home from church with another sick kiddo. I'm pretty tired of the flu, that's for sure! Next year I move that EVERYONE in this family gets a flu shot! As the snow falls out my window, I am moved to tears by a video I've just watched by Africa Renewal Ministries. They operate the orphanage in Uganda from which we will be adopting our children. They are run by a large church that is ministering to their community in ways that we Americans could learn a lot from: schools, medical clinic, orphanage, babies' home, and child sponsoring. They even have a traveling children's choir! And they are coming to the States in 2011!! I want to go see them! :)

I have received many wonderful comments regarding my thoughts that I've blogged. Thank you for making the effort to connect with me either here or on Facebook. I am so grateful to know that people are reading, listening and pondering along with me. I trust that you are wrestling with how to better obey Jesus too. Often I hear people say that they could not take the large steps that we are taking, adopting orphans into our family. And granted, it is indeed a mighty decision that will impact us forever! (We are convinced it will be a great thing for us!) But I wonder if this following video might help you come a step closer to a practical way you can make an important difference in these precious people's lives:

I was even thinking that if this is something you do decide to take part in...we will be going to Uganda for up to 6 weeks when we go to bring our children home...are you thinking what I am?? :) We might be able to meet your little person! What fun!! Or you could come with us! Even MORE fun!!


  1. Amy, this is wonderful! I, too, have joyful tears when I see the effect of God's grace in action!

  2. I am so happy to hear of people who are considering sponsoring a child through this church! Please DO let me know if you decide to...I can't wait to go and meet your child! :)


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