Sunday, November 2, 2014

Orphan Sunday…introducing Our Soon-to-be-Son!

Source: Hope for Orphans

It's Orphan Sunday today and I am bursting at the seams to introduce you to our newest son!!!

I announced last week that we have been moved by God to adopt again, and we are branching out into a scary new special need: cancer. 

And the questions began…so let me offer up some details!

As of last week, we have officially been approved by his home country to adopt him!

He currently lives in an orphanage that partners with Half the Sky in a provincial city in China.

He is almost 2 years old. (He will be our caboose!)

He is adorable. (and we know we are a bit partial!)

He will be given the English name Gable. (Daddy named him!) Gable is an awesome name we've never heard ever (yes!!) and it means "Strong man of God."


And now…for his pictures:

These were the first I ever saw…the ones that Toby exclaimed, "Oh Mommy! I LOVE him!" about.
It is this non-smiling picture that I realized he was ours. That face. That sweet, sweet, uber precious face!!!!

Gable was only 14 months old in these pictures. Since then, there was a visit to his orphanage where I was able to grab this picture from the end of a video where he smiled. This was taken just this past August at 19 months of age:


So, now you have a face for whom to pray. And we will begin fundraising ASAP!

The other question people want to know is WHEN. We pray that we could get all our clearances and funds to bring him home during the summer next year. Please join us in this prayer.

So happy to have yet another orphan on his way home to his FOREVER FAMILY!!! My arms are aching to hold and snuggle this precious one!

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