Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another cramp in my heart...Alea

I'm short on time...but that's probably EXACTLY what the priest and the Levite said when they passed the bloodied man on the path.

I want to be the Samaritan who stops.

I saw this angel's face tonight in a blog post:

And it stopped my heart.

I read her story, and I felt that familiar cramp in my heart.

Do you know the one?


"Lord, this child needs a family! This child needs Your touch! She needs a MIRACLE!!!"

Then I went upstairs to read to my children their nightly Bible story. Guess what it was?

The Good Samaritan.

If you don't remember, a guy gets sacked, robbed and left for dead. Two people who were EXPECTED to help, walked around him.

They were too busy.

It was the Samaritan (who was the sworn enemy of the man who was so poorly injured) who stopped his life, took the man onto his donkey and paid for his treatment and stay at an inn.

I heard God speak to my heart.


Be her Good Samaritan.

So, because I am in a rush...I beg you to click on the link to read her story. She is in DESPERATE need of a liver transplant in a country where livers do not get donated. (scroll to the bottom where she is listed as in CRITICAL CARE!!)

She needs one NOW. She is going to die without it.


Let's be her voice of hope.

And be able to sit back and watch what glory God does in her precious little young life!!!

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