Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Grateful Project

I have an idea.

Being that we JUST talked in our 5th/6th grade Sunday School class about traditions that we do outwardly but do not truly do on the heart level. We talked about celebrating Thanksgiving and how easy it is to be more about the football, playing with cousins and eating pie than on truly being thankful.

So I decided to do a personal grateful challenge.

I am going to post on Facebook each day something I am truly, heart-level grateful for. I may or may not post a picture. (I am not going to hem myself into that...life is simply TOO overwhelming for that!)

But for today, there are pictures.

I am starting off November begin grateful for a tree. It is a particular tree. It is also the ONLY tree left in our entire yard at this moment!! But it is outside my kitchen window so when I prepare food, clean up or make my Shakeology, I see it.

And this year it is exceedingly beautiful! Red-tipped leaves at the ends of some of the branches that have otherwise all turned yellow. Now I'm sure that my scientific husband could give me the reasons it has done that, but I don't care really. I just so deeply delight in its beauty each day!

And then with the sunlight, OH!

The glory of the Lord is being shown all around us!  I am making an intentional effort to be grateful for the abundance of love and goodness God has placed in my life.

And look at these other beautiful sights I took in while I went outside to photograph my tree!

Awesome aren't they?

I have also decided to help my children in being grateful this month. What is this? This is the trunk of THEIR grateful tree! Each night at dinner I am going to have them trace their hands, cut them out (yes, I will of course help the littles!) and write out one thing each day they are thankful for. Imagine this tree in 30 days x 5 hands! It will be ABUNDANT with praise! Awesome!

How will you show you are grateful this month?


  1. Love it! Beautiful pics my friend. My first day of thanks is at http://www.allthingshis.com/2011/11/month-of-giving-thanks-day-1.html I know you know, but others might not... :)

  2. What a great idea Amy!! You have inspired me to also be thankful everyday this month and have my children think of one thing everyday to be thankful for!

  3. Ran across your blog today and couldn't be more blessed! We just started our adoption journey to Uganda. What and encouragement to read! I love the wild olive tee's ( my good friend knows those ladies as well) and I love the fair trade coffee (same good friend and I run an anti-human trafficking org and we promote fair trade items and will add him to the list!)
    As for the thankfulness tree, we started our today too! I am also having our girls do a thankfulness journal for the month. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thank you for sharing!


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