Monday, July 25, 2011

ETD is coming soon...

My days lately have centered around two things lately: Annie (more on that soon!) and Africa. Two "A's" that pull me in very different directions!

Just so you know...although it will probably not matter to you in the slightest...

I'm not a list maker. 
                             I'm not an organized person. 

...but sometimes, I do what I don't want to do for causes I love. And let me tell you, going to Africa is something I  know I'm going LOVE!!! :) And I already love a little boy "Z" very very much!

And just in case you are worried, I have some wonderful friends who have given me THEIR lists to prepare for Africa and I'm just working from that! ;) Thanks for your concern!

But this post really isn't about that.


We are going to pack all of our necessities in our carry ons. Guess what that means? We get two 50 pound bags EACH to load up with goodies to take to the children in Uganda!! I'm so excited to love on them!!!

We have three types of destinations: orphanages, remote villages, and the children's prison that Sixty Feet works with. One of the orphanages is (of course!) where our little Z is living. We also will visit other orphanages. Our goal here is to simply show love to the children and encourage the workers who work day in and day out with these precious little ones. And of course to meet and bond with our little Z! I AM SO EXCITED TO HOLD HIM!!!! (Sorry, all this excitement bubbles up and it gets a little boisterous and loud sometimes!!)The bulk of our time will be spent in his orphanage.

We have several rural villages on our docket as well. Brian has received some great donations from a vet and a pharmaceutical company that will enable him to do some specialized work with their cattle and dairy goats. We are very excited to meet all the children in these villages and just play. I may not make lists well, but I play well!!

Thirdly, we will visit the place referred to as "M." This is the place that I have lost sleep and shed many, many tears over. There is something about this place that draws bees to honey. And I know it may be different than what I expect. But truly, I cannot wait to be there in person and to look into these precious boys and girls' faces and be with them. I am honestly not sure what good I will be there, but I pray that God will love them through me. I pray that Brian's agricultural/animal husbandry background can go far to help them on their 300+ acre site. I pray that God does big things. I am so excited about this I am tearing up just writing about it! I will take our photography equipment too. Who knows what God might do!

Our case for the adoption of Z is filed in the high courts. We do not have a court date. It is fully conceivable that we spend this amazing time in this soon-to-be beloved country and return home only to learn we've been assigned a court date. If this happens, we will scramble to arrange life for our children and fly back. Of course it would be easier if we could get a court date while we were already there. We pray for it! We ask YOU to pray for it! But we also know that sometimes, God does not do things in the timeframe or way we think would be best. (Wow, what an understatement!!) So we just trust. ...and we pack for our adventure!!

 Oh, and remember those bags we have? You can help us fill them! Already we have bubbles and frisbees, pick up sticks, bookmarks and some granola bars. If you would like to send some tangible love to the children of Uganda you can bring your donations of the following items to Pettisville Missionary Church no later than August 4th:

  • children's sizes of underwear (new please)
  • infant formula
  • rubber gloves
  • hotel sized soaps and lotions
  • granola bars (the chewy kind that won't crumble)
  • durable children's books
  • small toys: jump ropes, deflatable balls, dolls, toy cars 
  • toothbrushes/toothpaste
All this is going to bless their socks off!! I cannot wait! Pictures will come soon!!! :)


  1. YAY! So excited for you! Counting the days with ya....

  2. Oh yeah! You are going to our family village! I wish I was going to be there with you : )
    Cannot wait for you to be on your way! Woot!


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